Birthday Celebrations Policy

If your child wishes to share a snack with his or her classmates, please choose an item from the following list or from the optional items on the next page. If you want to print the this for reference see the file at the bottom of the page.


* Fresh fruit, fruit cups

* Raw veggies with low-fat dip, if desired

* Animal crackers

* Graham crackers

* Pretzels

* Yogurt

* String cheese

* Cereal, low-sugar

* Frozen yogurt, frozen ice, popsicles

* Popcorn

Please be mindful of food allergies when selecting a snack.  All food must be store bought in its original packaging with an ingredient and nutrition label.  A student in a particular class may be allergic to peanuts, or sensitive to food coloring or artificial flavors.  There may also be a student that is lactose intolerant or have other food concerns, such as diabetes.  It is best to check with the teacher first.


The following holidays will be considered “Exempt” days.  This means that if you wish, you may bring in pre-packaged treats that are not on the Healthy Snack Alternative list: (When in doubt, it is always best to check with the teacher).

* Halloween

* Thanksgiving

* Feast of St. Nicholas

* Christmas

* Valentine’s Day

* Easter

Food to be shared should ALWAYS BE NUT-FREE – there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this.


As an optional alternative to food treats, families are also offered the choice of sending in a small non-food item to share.

Suggestions include:

* Pencils

* Erasers

* Stickers

* Other small items

* A book to be donated to the classroom or school library is another voluntary alternative.

In addition to sharing a treat, one day a month will be designated as a dress-down day for the children who have a birthday in that month.  A day will also be selected for children with summer birthdays.  Every classroom teacher also adds their own special touches to a child’s birthday celebration.