Profile of a Graduate

Graduates of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Rochester will reach their potential spiritually, intellectually,
emotionally, and physically.

Spiritually, graduates will:
• Appreciate that they are created to know, love, and serve God.
• Pray daily and participate in the sacramental life of the Church to deepen their personal relationship with God.
• Be well-prepared to serve their communities with faith, compassion, empathy, and kindness.
• Be equipped to appreciate and articulate Church teachings to spread the Gospel.
• Show respect and appreciation for all of God’s creation.
• Be active members of their Catholic community, including the parish, diocese, and universal church.
• Work for truth and promote Catholic social justice.

Intellectually, graduates will:
• Think creatively, independently, and critically.
• Achieve their highest academic potential.
• Use technology in their daily lives safely and ethically for academic and personal needs.
• Remain intellectually curious by becoming reflective, life-long learners.
• Meet and exceed content area standards and expectations.
• Develop multiple interests as life-long and well-rounded students.
• Solve problems using the resources and methods available to them.
• Express themselves clearly and respectfully in speaking and writing.
• Find solutions through critical thinking and the process of collaboration.

Emotionally, graduates will:
• Work collaboratively to appreciate the diversity of the world and the uniqueness of the individual.
• Demonstrate a positive sense of self and ongoing personal growth and development in acquiring virtues.
• Make ethical and moral decisions informed by Catholic teachings.
• Demonstrate self-control and discipline as incarnational values.

Physically, graduates will:
• Reflect their God-given dignity in thought, word and action.
• Strive for a healthy lifestyle which integrates nutrition, fitness, rest, stress management, and overall wellness.
• Make good moral choices that promote stewardship for God’s gifts and safety for self and others.
• Develop leadership skills in order to become confident, independent, Christ-like role models.

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