Our Tradition

Traditions That Last A Lifetime

Each year, many St. Rita School alumni and parents of current students who were once St. Rita School students themselves come to visit. These former students may be at the school to watch their younger sister or brother shine as one of the angels in the choir of the annual Christmas play. They may be home from college for spring break and have come to see our powerful living Stations of the Cross. Or, they may show up wearing face paint and all gold (or blue) because, as a life-long member of the gold (or blue) team, they have to help their team win the tug-of-war during the annual Blue and Gold Day festivities.

St. Rita School holds a special place in our students’ hearts because it plays such a vital role in their academic and personal success. This might not be obvious when students are studying their first-grade spelling list or working on their sixth-grade social studies report, or when they are learning the Joyful Mysteries in the third grade or trying to sit still during our monthly school masses as a kindergartener. But they will realize just how lucky they were to go to St. Rita School when they find themselves well-prepared for high school and when they reap the rewards that go with following in Jesus’ footsteps and treating others with compassion.

Building a Foundation for Academic Success

Exceptional high school and college students do not just happen. They are made in elementary school. During these years, teachers lay a solid academic foundation upon which all other lessons are built. If children do not have a solid foundation upon which to build a successful academic career, they will most likely struggle throughout their high school years. St. Rita School’s commitment to academics is not only evident in the success St. Rita School students achieve in high school, college, and life, but can be measured by our exceptional scores on New York state examinations.

Providing Guidance that Lasts a Lifetime

Children learn from what they see, and much of what they see happens on the playground, in the classroom, and at home. St. Rita School students are part of a close-knit, faith-filled community. When they walk through our doors, they are surrounded by positive role models who instill a sense of right and wrong in their impressionable minds. Lessons that serve them well their entire lives.

Help Us Keep St. Rita School Traditions Alive

St. Rita School truly does offer the full package. Please help us pass along our traditions and prepare students for successful lives. Simply click HERE to make your secure, online donation. If you are unable to give financially, please include St. Rita School in your prayers and ask God to bless us with the grace and strength to continue our mission.