All About Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

St. Rita School operates an active Pre-Kindergarten program that prepares three and four year olds for Kindergarten.

Our program provides a nurturing, Christian, academic learning environment to get our Pre-K students ready for their educational journey.

The faculty and staff at St. Rita School are caring, dedicated and effective. Our Pre-K students are an important part of our community.    



Children enrolled in St. Rita School’s Pre-Kindergarten Program:

  • Learn creative and cooperative play
  • Participate in activities that improve motor skills
  • Learn to interact with other children in large and small groups.
  • Follow a daily routine that includes free play, circle time, small-group activities, healthy snack time, projects, songs, and story time
  • Participate in Music, Physical Education and Technology classes with St. Rita School “Specials” teachers
  • Visit and borrow books from the Pre-K library (PreK-4)
  • Enjoy field trips and presentations to compliment in-class learning
  • Play outside on the school’s beautiful playground
  • Participate in special school activities and liturgies
  • Enjoy learning in a faith-based environment
  • St. Rita School’s Pre-Kindergarten program welcomes all faiths.

Pre-K 3 Program

  • Children must be 3 years old by Dec. 1st & must be able to use bathroom independently
  • Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Parents may choose a half day program or a full day program.
  • After Care is offered until 6:00 pm

Pre-K 4 Program

  • Must be 4 years old by Dec. 1st & must be able to use bathroom independently
  • Parents may choose a 3-day per week program (Mon/Wed/Fri) or a 5-day per week program.
  • Half day or full day program can be selected
  • After Care is offered until 6:00 pm