K-5th Standards and Curriculum

The New York State Learning Standards define the rigorous skills and knowledge in English Language Arts and Mathematics that need to be effectively taught and learned for students to be ready to succeed academically in credit-bearing, college-entry courses and in workforce training programs.

These standards have been developed to be:

  • Fewer, clearer, and higher, to best drive effective policy and practice;
  • Aligned with college and work expectations, so that all students are prepared for success upon graduating from high school;
  • Inclusive of rigorous content and applications of knowledge through higher-order skills, so that all students are prepared for the 21st┬ácentury;
  • Internationally benchmarked, so that all students are prepared for succeeding in our global economy and society; and Research and evidence-based.

    Kindergartners having fun with ELA

    2nd graders doing STEM activities